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Kinga Głyk: Donna lee, Jaco Pastorius

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Kinga Głyk - Donna lee, Jaco Pastorius - cover

Betty Dead, Meta Dead: The Dead Deads "Sympathy Sex"

Betty Dead, Meta Dead: The Dead Deads "Sympathy Sex"

The Dead Deads - "Sympathy Sex"

Camille Debray, Noemie Debray: The Soap Girls - Punk Rock Nottingham and Coventry UK 2016

Camille Debray, Noemie Debray: The Soap Girls - Punk Rock Nottingham and Coventry UK 2016

Lissie: The El Rey Theater - 2016-03-29 - Jack Lue Series

Lissie @ The El Rey Theater - 2016-03-29  - Jack Lue Series

Full Series

Moa Henriksson, Jennifer Paro: PRISS @ Santa Fe Springs Swap Meet - 2016-05-28 Jack Lue Series

PRISS @ Santa Fe Springs Swap Meet - 2016-05-28 Jack Lue Series

  • Moa Henriksson: Doll Stanley (Vocals/ Guitar) 
  • Andrea Zermeno: Jean Simone (Vocals/ Bass)
  • Jennifer Paro: Lace Frehley (Lead Guitar) 
  • Judy Cocuzza: Luda Criss (Drums)

L.A.’s All-Girl tribute to the hottest band in the world… KISS!

PRISS is the sexy alter ego of the greatest band of all time and these girls will rock and roll you all night long! Don’t let the name fool you, their seductive costumes and explosive stage show will leave you hotter than hell.

In a world where imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, few bands have as devoted a following as KISS. With years of experience touring globally under each of their belts, the members of PRISS continue to forge ahead writing their own chapter in KISSstory.

Our passion for KISS is real and we are not alone. Classics like "Detroit Rock City", "Rock And Roll All Nite", and “Shout it Out Loud” are examples of the staying power of KISS' music for all generations.

PRISS is the perfect band for fundraisers, promotions, film & TV appearances, private parties and live concerts. We can do it all!

Our commitment and devotion to our mission is clear. We believe in paying tribute to the gods of thunder through our stellar musicianship and awesome performances. We realize the passion that lives within the hearts of KISS fans everywhere… we're fans too.

PRISS… Shout It Out Loud!

Moa Henriksson: Doll Stanley (Vocals/ Guitar)

Moa Henriksson hails from Sweden. Finding her love for music at an early age, she began as a singer and then took up bass. But her true love became the six string guitar and songwriting. She has toured Europe with several bands and performed at major events such as the Sweden Rock Festival and England's Hard Rock Hell Festival. Her bands have shared the bill with such notable acts as Aerosmith, Cinderella, Guns N Roses, Foreigner, Journey, Motorhead, ZZ Top, Ratt, Def Leppard, Whitesnake, and Ace Frehley
himself. In 2012 she relocated to Hollywood California to attend the prestigious Musician's Institute. In addition to her role as Doll Stanley of PRISS, Moa writes and performs her own music in Dead Heroine.

Andrea Zermeno: Jean Simone (Vocals/ Bass)

Andrea Zermeno was born in Los Angeles and was exposed to music at a very early age, her family always had something tasty on the turntable. She studied under the guidance of legendary session bassist Carol Kaye. Andrea is also a member of Thundherstruck The Ultimate All Girl AC/DC Tribute. Andrea has toured the US and Europe as well as performed for US Armed Forces in the Middle East, Central Asia, Germany and Japan. Her bands have opened up for such acts as Alice Cooper, Toto, Grand Funk Railroad, Styx, John Fogerty, etc... Andrea is endorsed by ESP Basses, Aguilar Amplification and EV Microphones.

Jennifer Paro: Lace Frehley (Lead Guitar)

Jennifer is a musician’s musician who can play a variety of instruments from guitar to flute, as well as sing and record. Jennifer has certification in audio engineering from Dallas Sound Lab and has multiple recording credits. Her bands have shared bills with such acts as: George Thorogood, Lita Ford, Paul Rodgers, Foghat, Jimmy Van Zant, Smashmouth, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, The Village People, Jodi Watley and Elvin Bishop. She has played for the troops in Japan, Hawaii, and all over U.S. at many venues, corporate events and casinos. Jennifer is endorsed by Line 6, Audix Microphones, Hot Picks and Swirly Gig Products. Her other bands she has played with include: Ladysmith, BandShe and freelance gigs.

Judy Cocuzza: Luda Criss (Drums)

Judy started playing the drums when she was in grade school and has not stopped since. She has experience touring all over the world playing small clubs to arenas, a list of recording credits, TV and Movie Soundtrack work as well as a passion for teaching drums. She is endorsed by Mapex Drums, Paiste Cymbals, Vater Sticks, Remo Drum Heads and Swirly Gig Products. Some of the bands she has played with are: Cheap Chick, Betty Blowtorch, Ladysmith, Dime Box Band, Patsy Grind, Stay At Home Bomb, Bobsled and many freelance gigs.

Full Series

Simone van Straten: Cattle Decapitation - Kingdom Of Tyrants

Cattle Decapitation - Kingdom Of Tyrants guitar cover by Simone van Straten

Juliana Vieira: Impulse Original Song
Snap: JulianaVieiraGT

Original song wrote by Juliana Vieira and produced by Juan Lacerda.

APOIO: BOSS | Fender

VIDEO: Paulo Ribeiro (@ribeiropauloo)

Juliana Vieira - Impulse (Original Song)

JJ: RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE - Killing In The Name - Jassy J

Rage Against The Machine - Killing In The Name - Album: Rage Against The Machine (1992) - guitar cover by Jassy J with solo =)

ENG: Sooo!!! This is my first Rage Against The Machine cover! =) I chose the classic "Killing In The Name" ^^ Fun fact: Every time when I was in band rehearsal and we played that one I played it by ear because I never looked up the tabs XD I hope you enjoy \m/

Many Thanks to DeSade for letting me play on your awseome MGH Evil Butterfly - Inventor Of Evil!!!! \m/ And thanks for letting me use the whammy pedal XD


so all you can hear is my recorded guitar! =D Except for the last chorus... there the original guitar suddenly appears and I kind of mess up the last part of the breakdown because the backingtrack makes a jump and leaves out the last bar.... XD Sorry!!!
Also it is a ONE-SHOT! ...and not a note to note cover but I tried to come as close to the original as possible :D

DEU: Soooo..... Mein erstes Rage Against The Machine Cover! =D Viele von euch haben sich "Killing In The Name" gewünscht, ist ja auch ein Klassiker! :D Dieses Video ist ein ONE-SHOT =) Und der Backingtrack hat keine Originalgitarre ;) Bis auf beim letzten Chorus... Und Sorry für den Spielfehler beim Breakdown, wo ich den Einsatz verpasse.... Hab den Backingtrack vorher nicht nochmal gecheckt und joa... der macht da nen Sprung und lässt nen halben Takt aus XD Hoffe es gefällt! \m/ Stay heavy!

Software: Logic
Amp: Kemper
Guitar: MGH Evil Butterfly - Inventor Of Evil

Jassy J:

Become a Patreon (still building up =) ):

Jassy J
Postfach 17 17
36 007 Fulda

Please leave some comments here, i would really appreciate it :) And if you want to see more covers, feel free to visit my channel :D

-Jassy J


Jess Lewis: Learn To Play: It's Not Me It's You!

*New* Jess Lewis's 'Learn To Play: It's Not Me It's You'!
Download Link:

Master the soul, grace and creativity of Jess Lewis by learning this outstanding and articulate brand new track, which is also broken down into multiple bite-sized licks! This package is sure to inspire and amaze you!

Every time Jess returns to our studio she really knocks it out of the park. This occasion was no exception, she's blown us away once again! Few players bring a smile to your face as much as watching Jess play and now you can learn her magic one note at a time!

In this pack we've taken Jess's full brand new track titled 'It's Not You It's Me' and dissected it up for you into 13 bite-sized sections, so you learn it piece by piece to create an incredible full track.

Inside you'll be practising hammer ons, slides, vibrato, double stops, chordal ideas, octave playing, bends and lots more! From the theory perspective you'll encounter dorian, blues and minor pentatonic scales, pentatonic substitutions, super-imposed arpeggios and a whole host of other great melodic and harmonic devices!

Each and every lick comes with it's own video file, audio track, slow (isolated) video, slow audio, lick backing track, TAB/notation and text notes to help you really learn the ideas! Once you've got all the licks down you'll find the full video play through, alongside the full backing track so you can jam out Jess's ideas or create your own. The full track also comes with complete TAB/Notation for ease of learning too!

*New* Jess Lewis's Learn To Play: It's Not Me It's You!

Nik West: plays her "Purple Spaze" TonePrint for Vortex Flanger

Nik West plays her "Purple Spaze" TonePrint for Vortex Flanger
You want to play long notes and harmonies with your bass but you don't want it to sound too dull. If that is the case you should try "Purple Spaze". Nik West created this awesome tape flanger TonePrint for the Vortex Flanger pedal.
Learn more about Vortex Flanger:
Learn more about Nik West:

Nik West "Purple Spaze" TonePrint for Vortex Flanger

Ida Nielsen: plays her "NosePrint" TonePrint for Corona Chorus and "Phase One" TonePrint for Helix Phaser

Ida Nielsen demos her "NosePrint" TonePrint for Corona Chorus.

In the 1980s everything was drenched in chorus. Guitars, keyboards, bass - some say even Boris Becker. And although many things have changed since then, chorus is still often used by bass players to bring out a sparkly high-end quality in their tone. This TonePrint is all about that. Beam it, and bring your level 42 game!

Ida Nielsen plays her "NosePrint" TonePrint for Corona Chorus

Ida Nielsen plays her "Phase One" TonePrint for Helix Phaser