Monday, 18 July 2016

Virna Nova: Allemande Suite n°1 pour Luth en E min de Bach

I love to play this beautiful music 🎸🎶

Allemande Suite n°1 pour Luth en E min de Bach

Sarah Longfield: Sunshine The Werewolf Drum Cover

Dillinger esc plan is love
Check out my original stuff here !

Sarah Longfield - Sunshine The Werewolf Drum Cover

Deborah Manfredi, Ilaria Mattia: Dirty Chicks - all female ACDC tribute

Ginger - Vocals
Deborah - Lead Guitar
Ilaria - Rhythm Guitar
Kay - Bass
Vicky - Drums

DIRTY CHICKS ⋆all female ACDC tribute⋆ - THE JACK


Susan Santos: Dusty Road from the new album Skin & Bones

Susan Santos tema "Dusty Road" del nuevo disco "Skin & Bones" (2016)

Susan Santos "Dusty Road"

Divinity Roxx: ImPossible new album on bandcamp

Divinity Roxx: ImPossible

1. Miracle 02:26
2. Break Down These Walls 03:12
3. Can It B SO Hard feat. Victor Wooten03:00
4. Stinger (So Real) 03:32
5. We Are 03:54
6. The Book feat Daniel Watts 02:25
7. WhachaDoinWhereUAtWhoUWit feat Derrick Baskin and Daniel Watts 03:13
8. Question feat Derrick Baskin 05:08
9. Let U Go 02:33
10. Hey U feat Daniel Watts 03:17
11. Just When U Think feat LD 02:14
12. I Like It feat Yani Marin 03:55

Divinity Roxx explores all things personal to a groove from start to finish on this album, ImPossible and gives you a glimpse into the mind of the bassist, songwriter, producer and woman known for holding down the low end for Beyonce as Musical Director and bassist for 5 years.
released April 19, 2016

Mayuo: Full Swing

Jaguar'16! You do www not have
been blocked many times at the time of the up,
nearly scraping the sound of the back, it has become Saddle sing (T ^ T)
loaders that had to ruin the cool song (¯ ▽ ¯;)


Adunbee: Laid to Rest - Lamb of God

Suuuch a cool song!! I heard this song for the first time a month or so ago, and I absolutely adore it!! It might be "the best discovered song of the year" for me, hahah!

I filmed after re-furnishing my room, and I realize the camera might be too high - I'll fix it next time! ROCK ON!! \,,/

I'm on social media!! YAY!! :



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Thank you for watching!! ROCK ON!!!! \,,/

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Laid to Rest - Lamb of God cover | Adunbee

Naia izumi: Natural disaster new EP

Natural disaster by Naia Izumi

1.Natural disaster 04:24
2.What the hell 03:23
3.Instinct 03:46
4.Roses 05:15

released July 17, 2016

Written , Performed, engineered , and produced all by Naia Izumi.

Special thanks to The support from Bogner Amplification, Jim Dunlop. Moollon musical instruments , Old blood endeavours, KHDK electronics, Data choir, and Zen drum ! and to everyone who has bought my recent EP's <3 a="" href="">