Saturday, 6 August 2016

Elisa Manfredi: The Crying Machine

Lizard Academy of Massa Carrara presents:
Elisa Manfredi, guitarist and teacher specializing in Primary Music Group and Music courses.
She graduated Lizard and active in various musical collaborations.

ACCADEMIA LIZARD MASSA CARRARA : "The Crying Machine" ( Steve Vai ) Elisa Manfredi

Samantha Fish: Rams Head - Annapolis, MD 2016

Samantha Fish: Rams Head - Annapolis, MD 2016
(Filmed by Natasha in 1080 HD)
Samantha Fish performing at the Rams Head in Annapolis, MD
Samantha Fish - Guitar & Vocals, Chris Alexander - Bass, Go-Go Ray - Drums

Samantha Fish: Rams Head - Annapolis, MD 2016

Nina Kalsarikännit: Ibanez Flying Fingers 2016

Hey everyone! :) This is my entry for the Ibanez Flying Finger Contest 2016...A few years ago I visited "Just Music" in berlin to buy a new guitar..I tested so many of them...esp,ltd,schecter...but it was just not perfect..then I took a Ibanez guitar from the know ;)

Ibanez Flying Fingers 2016 Nina Kubatzki Wulkenzin Germany

Juli Morgan: Chord of the week A Minor - weekly video series!

I'm starting a weekly video series! Join in on the fun! Subscribe and share. Make sure to comment about your favorite chords. I'm going to feature chords for all levels, so if this is too simple for you, don't fret, check back and you'll find something just for you.

Chord of the week A Minor

Gabbie Rae: Dangerous Woman live

At her recent guest appearance at Soundcheck Live Take 20, Gabbie Rae managed to bring it with the boys with their bluesy, soulful and over the top rendition of the Ariana Grande hit, "Dangerous Woman". Once again, the Lucky Strike Live event hit a new level of amazement. We loved this side of G-Rae and thought you would too.

Please share... the best compliment a musician can receive is for you to share their craft.

Huge props to The Boyz....
Sam Bam Koltun - Guitar
Ferlazzo - Keys
Giacomo Cortelloni - Drums
Eliot Lorango - Bass

...and to The Girlz
Annette Frank - BV'S
Lisa Margaroli - BV'S

Gabbie Rae LIVE .... "Dangerous Woman" (Ariana Grande)

Jude Drakeford: Bad Asteroid cover by The Aristocrats

18 year old female guitarist covers Bad Asteroid by the Aristocrats.
Could not find a tab. Most of it I figured out by ear and the rest from videos. Don't know how accurate it is but its was the best I could do in one take. What a genius Guthrie is.

Bad Asteroid cover by The Aristocrats

Taylor George: Cause We Ended As Lovers by Jeff Beck

Here is another one by Jeff Beck with my new Gibson. Love the guitar. I will probably put one more up by Jeff Beck then move on. Continuing to search for different style guitar players.

Cause We Ended As Lovers by Jeff Beck (Cover by Taylor George)

Red Frandany: Today we go with a classic of classics - Beat it solo by Eddie Van Halen!

NEW VIDEO! Today we go with a classic of classic, an icon, ONLY Beat it Eddie Van Halen! :) If you liked the video I invite you to share and like, do not forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel, a video every week: D
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BEAT IT SOLO cover - Red Frandany

Elisa Manfredi: Erotomania - live band from Accademia Lizard

Elisa Manfredi:

"Erotomania" ( Dream Theater )

Brano eseguito da insegnanti e allievi dell' Accademia Lizard di Massa Carrara.
Chitarra Elisa Manfredi
Chitarra Michele Messina
Basso Roberto Zanetti
Batteria Giacomo Tongiani

Mix & Mastering ReloadStudios

Irene Ketikidi: Jazz Fusion Premium 2 Video Lesson promo

Download the video lesson

Irene Ketikidi Jazz Fusion Premium 2 Video Lesson promo

Arianna Pagiaro: Hand On Heart - Accademia Lizard Padova 2015

Lizard Padua Academy Arianna Pagiaro, level II electric guitar Hand On Heart S Go to the teacher: Stefano Heat
Accademia Lizard Padova Arianna Pagiaro, II livello chit. elettrica docente Stefano Calore

Arianna Pagiaro: Hand On Heart - Accademia Lizard Padova 2015

Michelle Qureshi: Live at Hopwood Cellars

Playing some of my instrumental music live, "Sage" and "I'll Meet You There". Hear more at and please subscribe to my channel! Thanks!

Live at Hopwood Cellars

New Release, Scattering Stars, by Michelle Qureshi

Scattering Stars is a delicate yet powerful testament to this artist's mastery of a rich inner world spoken through music. Enchanting and healing, mysterious and mesmerizing, this music is an invitation to a mystical musical journey. And her guitar is at the heart of this journey.

Scattering Stars is an unusual album, that has just about something for everyone contained within, but what Michelle Qureshi does so well here is create something new and fresh in a genre which can become stale, her performance, her professionalism are only matched by the superb arrangements and production, Scattering Stars is one of those albums you have to buy, it’s a release that will never age and an album that has such a wonderful addictive quality about it."" Steve Sheppard

Composer and multi-instrumentalist, Michelle Qureshi, creates an enthralling blend of musical styles on her album “Scattering Stars”. A classically trained guitarist with an interest in Sufi mysticism, Michelle’s studio consists of acoustic, electric, classical, and 12-string guitars, as well an array of synthesizers, indigenous world and exotic percussive instruments.
Candice Michelle

My initial impression of Michelle before hearing the whole album was that Michelle was primarily a guitarist. However after experiencing all of the tracks she seems more of a sonic sorceress using a wide range of instruments and technology in her artistic alchemy. Scattering Stars is an experience in the unexpected and a window into the seemingly unlimited imagination of Michelle Qureshi.

Michael Diamond