Monday, 15 August 2016

Red Frandany: Dtronia - Djent Melodic, Progressive Metal

OWN THEME, friends! today I bring own theme as lead guitarist, I'm still writing more songs since my first album is coming !, later I'll upload another official version because it is a demo, I hope you enjoy it and learn a preview of what's next for my new LP.
Genero -. Djent Melodic, Progressive Metal
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Red Frandany - Dtronia

Laurie Buchanan: Coheed And Cambria - Welcome Home - Cover

I've wanted to do a cover of this song for years but something was missing... A double necked Gibson EDS-1275, the same guitar Claudio Sanchez uses on his live performances. I knew I had to get a video with this guitar in some how and wanted to do something different to the usual Hotel California / Jimmy Page stuff. So I started learning Welcome Home. Towards the end I realised that Claudio barely uses the 12 string part so I ended up having to improvise a 12 string part towards the end. I would have incorporated the 12 string a lot more if I had more time but we have to give the loaner guitars back tomorrow. We will be picking them back up from the London Showrooms again in October for the tour so maybe I'm hoping to do follow up video around that time.

A huge thank you to Gibson for supplying us with guitars for the InMe October 2016 Tour of the UK with the band Aaron Buchanan and The Cult Classics.

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Laurie Buchanan - Coheed And Cambria - Welcome Home - Cover

Erin Detherage: "Pipeline" by the Surfaris Guitar Cover Live

"Pipeline" by the Surfaris covered live by Erin Detherage
"Pipeline" by the Surfaris Guitar Cover Live

Hisako Osawa: Let It Roll - 2H2H at the OC Fair Hangar 2016

2Hot2Handle belt it out at the Hangar August 10 2016 first thing as the fair opens for the day! With Hisako on guitar, Sheri on drums, Melanie on bass, Gigi on vocals and Cherry on keys.

"Let It Roll" 2H2H at the OC Fair Hangar 2016

"Rock Bottom" at the OC FAIR HANGAR AUG 10, 2016

Gabi Suyama: a little late night noodling

Gabi Suyama: a little late night noodling

Anna Sentina: Dark Necessities - Instrumental Bass Cover

As usual, headphones are recommended.
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Strings: DR Strings
Bass: Purpleheart Icon by Kiesel Carvin Guitars
Amp: Roland
Custom "Anna" Cable: Hesu
Fretwrap: Gruv Gear
Filmed & edited by Reelativity (

Dark Necessities | Instrumental Bass Cover

Illona Bolou: I will Survive

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Thanks to Gopherwood for providing this guitar:
"I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor, arranged by Illona Bolou.

I will Survive - Illona Bolou

Sarah Longfield: With mad man Rob Scallon - Slayer's "Payback" on ukuleles.

Slayer's "Payback" on ukuleles.
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The purple picks we're using were given to me by Purple Plectrums
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Shot by Ryan Deahl.
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Slayer - Payback (Ukulele cover w/ Sarah Longfield)

Alexandra Zerner, Nili Brosh: Melody Contest Winners Announcement!

The "A Matter of Perception" contest has wrapped up, and I'd like to thank all of you who entered! Marco, Greg, Jason, and I were impressed by all of the submissions and awesome melodies that we heard. Watch this video to find out who the winners are, and be sure to check out their videos and channels!

Nili Brosh Melody Contest Winners Announcement!

3rd place, Caca Barros:
2nd place, William Brock:
1st place, Alexandra Zerner:

Nili Brosh's A Matter of Perception Contest - Alexandra Zerner

Again, thank you everyone for taking the time to submit your contest videos! Keep writing those melodies!

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Maru Martinez: announces official endorsement of EMG Pickups!

Maru Martínez
Really stoked to announce that i'm now officially endorsed by EMG Pickups! :DD Really happy to be working with this company and to continue making videos and all that good stuff! (btw; i hadnt washed my hair in probably 2-3 days in that picture, so there's that. lol)💁