Saturday, 20 August 2016

Jassy J: Under And Over It - Five Finger Death Punch -

Five Finger Death Punch - Under And Over It - Album: American Capitalist (2011) guitar cover with solo by Jassy J =)
ENG: Yeah!!! Here it is: my very first FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH guitar cover!! =D Maaan I've read so many comments of you guys suggesting a cover of one of 5FDP's songs and I couldn't record one because I didn't have an appropriate setup!!!! XD Now you get my cover of "Under and Over it" I love the song and basically the whole album XD I hope you enjoy \m/
PLEASE NOTE: I lowered the backingtrack volume to a minimum so that you can hear my recorded guitars clearer AND so that it won't get blocked =) Also I double-tracked the cover! That means you also have two sets of multi-angle videos! =D
PLEASE NOTE 2: If you need more power you can follow this link to get to the original video. WHICH IS BLOCKED FOR MOBILE DEVICES!


Eva Vergilova: Lora

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Drums, Bass and Keyboard were recorded by Ogy Todorov.

Eva Vergilova | Lora

Jen Trani, MaryLeigh Roohan: Zoey - Original

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Zoey - Original by Jen Trani & MaryLeigh Roohan

Tina Guo: performance of Within Silence and Lotus Moon

iTunes: you for your support! This album debuted at #4 on the New Age Billboard Chart and has just been submitted for the 59th Grammy Award for Best New Age Album. 

Within Silence (From the "Inner Passion" CD)- Tina Guo & Peter Kater

Lotus Moon (From the "Inner Passion" CD)- Tina Guo & Peter Kater

Jesslyn Jensen: Rogue Arsenal - Departure

Track 2 of the Three part saga The 'Langt Verden Saga'

All Music arranged and recorded by Jesslyn Jensen

Mayuko Okai, Tsuzumi Okai: 5 hours rehearsal with Carmine Appice

Mayuko Okai
5 hours rehearsal with Carmine Appice this afternoon!
Tsuzumi and I are playing 2 shows with him and his brother Vinny Appice this weekend! Super Excited!! Hope to see you there!
Aug 20th Sat @Vampd, 6750 West Sahara Ave., Las Vegas, NV
Aug 21st Sun@Brick By Brick, 1130 Buenos Ave, San Diego, CA

Aleks Sever: Motel X - New album details announced

New album "EXTRAVAGANT" coming this fall 2016

Aleks Sever - Motel X

Mercédesz Tóth: Apey & the Pea: Nazareth - guitar cover

Leírás Mercédesz Tóth: Apey & the Pea: Nazareth - guitar cover

Apey & the Pea: Nazareth - guitar cover by Merci

Jennifer Batten: 1990 Live performances

Jennifer Batten: 1990 Live performances

Melody Angel: House of Blues - Chicago 2016

Melody Angel live at the House of Blues Chicago Mer's Songwriter's Showcase http://www.melodyangelmusic.com

Melody Angel @ House of Blues (Chicago)

Mercédesz Tóth: PanterA - Domination by Merci with Attila Voros

Merci, one of my fav and most talented student and I are kicking Domination by PanterA. Was a blessing teaching to her this masterpiece. Get ready especially for the uni-solo part, she's killing it!!! \,,/



Merci's YouTube channel with other cool covers and stuff:

"Master and Student": PanterA - Domination by Merci & Attila