Monday, 22 August 2016

Christie Lenée: "Send It To The Sky"

I decided to do this video and share the story of my writing process for this song.... This was written in beautiful Alaska two years ago. I hope it can help you to let go of something in you that needs to be released. Send it to the Sky!

Christie Lenee - "Send It To The Sky"

Gabriella Quevedo: Live In Borås

Film by Andreas Kry 2flexproduction
Playing Tension by Kotaro Oshio, Joky by Ahn Jung Jae, Ebon Coast by Andy Mckee and Fight by Kotaro Oshio

Gabriella Quevedo Live In Borås

Arielle: My 5 Music Morals

I never do these kinds of things, and I kind of wanted to change that.
I wanted to bring you in a little closer to what I think about when I create music. These are just a few things that I think about when I am creating, recording, and different outlooks I have on life that affect the end result.
I hope you enjoy!

My 5 Music Morals - Arielle

Becky Langan: Breeze (Original) - Samsara Sessions

An original composition by Becky Langan.

Filmed by Samsara Sessions -

Ekaterina Azarova: Ozzy Osbourne "I just want you"

solo cover by my student

Ozzy Osbourne "I just want you" solo cover by Ekaterina Azarova

Tara Lynch: Working on her Scratch Track of "The Undeserving"

Listening to the scratch leads I wrote for my original song, "The Undeserving," to be featured on my upcoming album "Evil Enough," in preparation to record for the album. Lineup for this song: Tara Lynch - all guitars/bass, Brian Tichy - drums, Derek Sherinian - keys

Tara Lynch Official - Working on her Scratch Track of "The Undeserving" during Italian Stampede

Liz DeYoe: All The Things You Are

My arrangement of All The Things You Are

All The Things You Are

Sarah Longfield: with Rob Scallon - Cannibal Corpse - Evidence in the Furnace on ukuleles

Cannibal Corpse's "Evidence in the Furnace" on ukuleles.
A little EP for our time at Sunday Uke Group:
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Group Leader - GuitarGoddess: dudette - Tamara Chambers: dude 1 - Jory Caron: dude 2 - Andrew Kudla
Sarah's uke: uke:
Metal on instruments that aren't playlist:
The purple picks we're using were given to me by Purple Plectrums
Mixed by Fluff:
Shot by Ryan Deahl.
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Cannibal Corpse - Evidence in the Furnace (Ukulele cover w/ Sarah Longfield)