Sunday, 2 October 2016

Momo: Sakuya of Rain - Onmyoza guitar cover

New Guitar came to our house.
The name is "ChaTaro".

momo 16 years old, "Sakuya of Rain" / Onmyoza guitar cover

Eva Vergilova: Deep Purple "Mistreated"

Deep Purple "Mistreated" by Eva Vergilova

Adunbee: Moth into Flame - Metallica guitar cover

With solo and all!! Hahah, I love this song - and I have such high hopes for the album!!

I'm really excited to be playing this song this week - it has been requested so many times since it was released nearly a week ago!! ROCK ON!! \,,/

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Thank you for watching!! ROCK ON!!!! \,,/

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Moth into Flame - Metallica guitar cover | Adunbee

Noémie: Roots Bloody Roots and Territory - Sepultura tribute band (Sepult)

Sepult, tribute to Sepultura
Roots Bloody Roots
Live at L'Artiste, Golbey, 88, FR
01 oct. 2016

Sepultura tribute band (Sepult) - Roots Bloody Roots

Sepultura tribute band (Sepult) - Territory

Colby Benson, Shelby Benson, Carthi Benson, Faith Benson: Taking Off - One OK Rock - Cover by Crimson Apple

ONE OK ROCK is our favorite band, so when we found out they did this single with Fueled By Ramen, we just had to cover it. We had a lot of fun with this song... hope you enjoy! ;-)




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Taking Off - ONE OK ROCK Cover by Crimson Apple