Thursday, 6 October 2016

Colleen Green: Live Paris 2016

Colleen Green @ L'Espace B, Paris 04/10/2016

Colleen Green - Live Paris 2016

Maddie Jay: The pH Collective - LIVE - Freaky Lady

One of our more high energy, throw back freaky funk songs, featuring some dance moves from our summer special guests Jessie Munro (Voice Stage Left) Naika Richard (Voice Stage Right) Noah Conrad (Trumpet) And Ryan Linvill (Sax)

Bass , Song - Maddie Jay
Drums - Jonah Summerfield
Keys - Danae Greenfield
Guitar - Brian Stanish

Check out the studio version, as well as the rest of the new album here: https://maddiejay-thephcollective.ban...

Filmed/Recorded @ 160 Massachusetts Ave Cafeteria Berklee

Maddie Jay & The pH Collective - LIVE - Freaky Lady

Saki: Mary's Blood Release - LIVE 3rd album and DVD "FATE" - cover art is published!

Release LIVE 3Rd album "FATE" jacket is published!
28, Sep. 2016
■ 2016 October 26 release 3rd album "FATE" release! !

■ DVD Limited Edition / VIZL-1060 \ 3,500+ tax
Special DVD Contents (about 25 minutes recording): "FATE" Recording Document (schedule)

■ Usually the disc / VICL-64665 ¥ 3,000 + tax
※ all 11 songs will

1.Counter Strike
2.Shall We Dance?
3.Angel’s Ladder
4.Nautical Star
5.Chateau sand
7.Endless Tragedy
8.Self Portrait
9.In the rain
10.Change the Fate
11.Queen of the Night

About the New to the album "FATE" which is 1 years, Luke seek SAKI is a teacher Takamura (CANTA, ex. Seikima Ⅱ),
Some of Mary's Blood and friendship to the public and private both Igarashi ☆ sun-go ☆ Miki (SHOW-YA) to participate as a guest guitarist.
The hot guitar battle and SAKI are deploying.
In addition, composer of "KARATE" of BABYMETAL, transcribe and music of boiled by Yuppe (GRILLED MEAT YOUNGMANS) provides that worked, such as also recorded music of the people at the time (black dream) arrangement, a celebrated luxury guest album ing.
In addition live it was released in April DVD only to the "LIVE at BLAZE ~ Invasion of Queen Tour 2015-2016 Final ~",
Popular songs that had been recorded as a live video "Shall We Dance?" Is also included as a new recording source.

▼Mary's Blood“Change the Fate”Tour 2016
■ 2016/10/28 (金) NAGOYA CLUB QUATTRO
OPEN 18:30/START 19:00
■ 2016/10/30 (日) UMEDA CLUB QUATTRO
OPEN 16:30/START 17:00
■ 2016/11/4 (金) SHIBUYA CLUB QUATTRO
OPEN 18:15/START 19:00
■2016/11/12(土)仙台 LIVE HOUSE enn 3rd※SOLD OUT!※
OPEN 16:30/START 17:00
■ 2016/12/17 (Sat) Fukuoka Queblick
OPEN 16:30/START 17:00
Advance: Standing 4,000 yen (including tax / 1D / By organizing numbered)
in ticket sale at Play Guide! !

Teri Gender Bender: Le Butcherettes - Live Paris 2016

Le Butcherettes @ Le Backstage O'Sulivan, Paris 30/09/2016

Le Butcherettes - Live Paris 2016

Yasi Hofer: Live solo excerpt and euro tour dates

Yasi will be going on Tour in 2017 !!!

check for dates and further informations

Find me Facebook at and make sure you like the page.

Yasi Hofer: Live solo excerpt

Nita Strauss: How to play Poison on Electric guitar tutorial

Nita Strauss: How to play Poison on Electric guitar tutorial

NITA STRAUSS - How to play Poison on Electric guitar tutorial