Friday, 7 October 2016

Red Frandany: announced as new Witchblade guitarist


Friends! We Have the incredible news to present our new guitarist Red Frandany !!! A while ago we Have Been Talking about for esta to be true, and so They did! Also Frandany network was a finalist of the GuitarFest Chile 2016. We will present ourselves With frandany network for the first time in Chile Rock Festival 2 2016 and we will be playing Also new tracks. We are now more complete than ever! Besides Already we are working on new album and much more !!

Felipe Del Valle Brice├▒o voices
Felipe Makhlouf guitars
Red Frandany guitars
Felipe Vuletich under

JP Hermosilla Battery

Witchblade \ m /

Anna Greta Giannotti: Electric Gipsy - Andy Timmons

here's to you as promised the video of this wonderful piece of Timmons registered direct drive via microphone and sound card. At the end of the track you will find a little explanation on the instrumentation used in this video. Many thanks to Bespeco, Costalab, Essetipicks, Magrab├▓ and Musicarte. With CDM Music Lab Marotta for the courtesy of the rehearsal room, and thanks very much to you that you saw this piece!
There is a small mistake when I speak of the pickup used at the beginning of the song, in fact the position 4 is between the handle and the central pick-up, not between the pick up to the handle and the bridge pickup.

Electric Gipsy - Andy Timmons

Yukiko Onishi: Blueffect - Is Toyoko

Is Toyoko (* ^ ◯ ^ *) 1 person of It is the first time I play!
Twitter: Https://Twitter.Com/Blueffect1

※ Upon girl band formed in Osaka
looking for a vocal and drum!

Now two guitar (22 years old and 19 years old), you have a base (18 years)! (It will be five organization of twin guitar.)
Will be the activity of basically original songs!

If high school students to 22-year-old woman!

If you have interest, please contact us by e-mail or Twitter!

in the comments section of the video, please understand that it does not accept the application of the subscriber.

MY FIRST STORY "The Story Is My Life" I play guitar! Toyoko!