Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Yamit Schwartz: Always with me, always with you and Calling Elvis - Dire Straits

Yamit Schwartz: Always with me, always with you and Calling Elvis - Dire Straits

Always with me, always with you (COVER) - joe satriani! ( by Yamit schwartz)

Calling Elvis - dire straits COVER (solo)

Jassy J: VLOG - I'm On Patreon

Finally I made the step! If you like you can become a part of the creating process on this channel by supporting me on patreon! There I will post some updates about upcoming projects from now on. The page is still in the process of being built up, if you like you can help me with that, too by telling me what you would like to see!!! Thank you for your huge support without you nothing of this would be possible, you guys rock!!! \m/
Also this channel will get a new name! Don't be confused, I'm still the same person, haha! =D AAAND I finally played live again with a band XD

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Black Sabbath - Paranoid (Instrumental Cover)

Jassy J:

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Maria Carmen Liranzo: Rock you like a hurricane and Enter Sadman

Maria Carmen Liranzo: Rock you like a hurricane and Enter Sadman

Scorpions (bass cover) rock like a hurricane

Enter Sadman - Bass Cover

Camila Milla: CHON - Bubble Dream Guitar Cover

It was really fun to learn how to play this song. Love Chon.
I'll be uploading more videos soon.

I do not own any of this music, i'm just replaying it.

CHON - Bubble Dream Guitar Cover

Alexandra Zerner: Semisextilis | Live @ Joy Station 07.11.2016

Opening for Stu Hamm and Greg Howe at Joy Station in Sofia, Bulgaria on 07.11.2016. The track is from my second solo album "Aspects": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5KrM... available at http://www.alexandrazerner.com/merch/

Alexandra Zerner | Semisextilis | Live @ Joy Station 07.11.2016

Amy Lewis: Deftones - Change - In The House of Flies

My interpretation of the song using a Line 6 POD XT and Logic Pro 9. PRS SE24 with a Seymour Duncan Nazgul/Sentient pick up combo. Cover by Amy Lewis. Video sync is a little off because I had to record the video and audio separately.

Deftones - Change (In The House of Flies) Guitar Cover

Cissie Goumare: Moth Into Flame - Metallica full guitar play along

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Playing Metallica's new smasher Moth Into Flame on my Gibson LPJ / ESP M-II and Marshall JVM 1 Tattoo Series head + Orange cab + TubeScreamer 808 & Dunlop Crybaby.


Moth Into Flame - Metallica full guitar play along

Naia Izumi: Natural disaster - math rock / post rock

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Natural disaster

Claudia Gamba: Cellulite Star - Vivo Xché Sogno

Last video taken from the album "Out of the Cage"!!

IZZY / Isabella Tuni : vocals
KLA / Claudia Gamba : guitars
ERIKA / Erika LadyBass : bass
DIANA / Diana Aprile : drums

Videoclip a cura di: Indivision Produzioni
MUA: Danijela Brozovic
Special thanks: Chiara - Piccolo Teatro Padova


www.cellulitestar.comCellulite Star - Vivo Xché Sogno (new video 2016)

Nina Yakimenko: Oriental Fantasy - concert at the "Muse"

NINA - Oriental Fantasy (concert at the "Muse")

omposer and performer: Nina Yakimenko
concert at the "Muse" November 9, 2016

Adunbee: God Damn - Avenged Sevenfold - demo and lesson

I absolutely love the new album by Avenged Sevenfold, and God Damn is soooo cool!! Enjoy and ROCK ON!! \,,/

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God Damn - Avenged Sevenfold guitar cover | Adunbee

God Damn - Avenged Sevenfold solo lesson | Metal Talk Monday