Thursday, 8 December 2016

Amy Lewis: Apparition solos La Boule Noire Paris - .strandberg* Boden 6

A short snippet of some guitar solos from a gig at the La Boule Noire in Paris with Apparition! It was a great night opening for our good friends WHYZDOM.
The gear I used was a Strandberg Boden 6 guitar. A EVH 5150 50watt head a TC Electronic Flashback Delay Pedal.

Maru Martinez: Aura - original performance playthrough

Here is another song i wrote and have been working on for the past few weeks! Hope you dig :)


Aura Guitar Playthru // Maru Martinez

Mary Spender: Acoustic - Spire

Instrumental version of my song called 'Spire'. Thought I'd add some original music to this series and will be keeping it to my own material for the next 7.

I've set myself the challenge to release a little video of me playing guitar for the 25 days of Christmas. Think of it as your musical advent calendar.



Electric Guitars
Acoustic Guitar
Favourite Pedal
A Little Thunder Pickup
DAILY SHRED #8 | Spire by Mary Spender

Giulia Coletti: Trigun Opening theme cover

Giulia Coletti: Trigun Opening theme cover on her trusty Paul Gilbert Ibanez.

Trigun Opening theme cover

#Solocontest2016 – Giulia Coletti

Marta Altesa: Bruno Mars - Chunky (live) - Bass: MusicMan Stingray 5

Marta Altesa - Bruno Mars - Chunky (live) - Bass: MusicMan Stingray 5

Bruno Mars - Chunky (live) [Bass Cover]

Fabiana Testa: Improvisation on Lydian's arrival

Improvisation on "Lydian's arrival", track by .

Guitar recording - Marco "Cinghio" Mastrobuono

Video recording/editing - Vincenzo Grieco

Fabiana Testa proudly endorses Schecter Custom Shop guitars.

Fabiana Testa - Lydian jam

Nik West: Breaks Down the Fender American Professional Jazz Bass

With credits that include work for artists like Prince, Dave Stewart of Eurythmics, Glee, and more, bassist Nik West is a master of the low end. Follow along with her as she demos the brand new American Professional Jazz Bass.

Evolved for today’s musician, the American Professional Jazz Bass combines modern features and materials with Fender’s craftsmanship and expertise to produce a truly contemporary bass. Developed by pickup master Michael Bump, the brand new V-Mod single-coil Jazz Bass pickups use a carefully selected blend of alnico magnet types. Designed for comfort and performance, the slim modern “C”-shaped neck profile fits perfectly in the player’s hand, allowing for an overall enhanced playing experience.

Learn more about the new American Professional series at


Nik is playing the Fender American Professional Jazz Bass in Sonic Gray through a Fender Bassman 100T Head and a Rumble 410 Cabinet.

Nik West Breaks Down the Fender American Professional Jazz Bass

Arielle: Who is Arielle?

This was not an easy video to do. It's not easy to sum yourself up in a couple minutes, but then I wondered why that was. I wondered why we all didn't have the ability to sum up ourselves in one sentence.
I am all that there ever is and ever will be. Just like all of us.
But since that is pretty broad, I wanted to share a couple of things that I thought would be interesting. Parts of me that define my personality and who I am.
It's a bit quirky, I'll admit. But hey, what can I say?
Music is -
Rama - Adam Peri & Arielle
When I speak - Adam Peri & Arielle

Who is Arielle?

Leah Woodward: ALIASES - Derangeable Guitar Playthrough #2

Guitar playthrough of 'Untangled Mind' from the Full Length Aliases Album "Derangeable"
Follow Leah:
Instagram: @leah_aliases
Listen to Derangeable:
Thanks to
Strandberg Guitars
Diezel Amplification
Bare Knuckle Pickups
Elixir Strings
Video Directed and Edited by Theo Harvey:

Leah Woodward // ALIASES // Derangeable Guitar Playthrough #2