Prika Amaral: Nervosa - Live Paris 2017

Mary Spender: Q and A | Bristol Edition [Tuesday Talks]

Irma Mirtilla: Black Mamba - Rock Cover Live Show 2017 - Roccone Fest

Yasi Hofer: Eclipsed featuring Hellmut Hattler on Bass

Millisa Henderson: Atomic Mind // Nick Johnston Cover

Samantha Fish: Somebody's Always Trying and Black Wind Howlin

Nina Shreds: The Great White - new progressive metal from Germany

Miyako Watanabe: Sonic Lover Reckless - new unit

Becky Baldwin, Bec Jevons: IDestroy Europe tour dates

Sarah Longfield: Rob Scallon - "The Obscurity" off of The Scene is Dead - A Casual Game of Chess

Ewa Owczarek: A. Corelli - Sonata Op. 5 No. 8

Sarah JoAnne Draper: Vildhjarta - Shadow Cover

Shirin Siavashi: "Rock Bottom" solo (UFO)

Tash Wolf: Haze Trio 2017 and 2016

Ruru Mitsuru, Misa: Bridear - Silver Lining TOUR Europe and UK dates

Mary Spender: The Police - Message In A Bottle - Mooer Echoverb pedal.

Yagi Miyuki: "Canon rock" I tried just a bit

Nanae Fujiwara: Manzanares el Real - From last concert in Spain.

Alex Schmeia: Van Halen - Jump guitar cover by Alex Schmeia

Cynthia Maalouf: Light Heart - Featuring . Yves Carbonne

Jassy J: Ten Thousand Fists - Disturbed

Tina Guo: Elite Master Art Model 600

Ash Soular: Bloopers from "Yeshua Come Back For Me"

Emily Pu: Isato Nakagawa-Dream Catcher

Aiko: Crea - highlights from the single release party

Tatiana Pará: l All Along The Watchtower (live)

Hanako Fujiwara: Octaviagrace - NEW EP "Polyhedra" release commemoration event

Sarah JoAnne Draper: Kiesel Solo Contest 2017

Lari Basílio: Finger Picking MasterClass - Jamtrackcentral

Lens Kidman: Dream theater - Constant Motion (guitar & bass cover)

Jess Lewis: Rivers On The Sun (Incognito) Bass Cover

Samantha Fish: "Black Wind Howlin' " - Big Bull Falls Blues Festival - 08/19/17

Alexandra Zerner: EMG 808X Pickups Review

Miyako Watanabe: 21g / 1st FINGER

Natsumi Shigeta: Ibanez Flying Fingers Japan 2017

Chiara Ricciardi: Cowboys From Hell solo cover - Pantera

Adunbee: L'Enfant Sauvage - Gojira

Ravyn Bedard: If The Devil Was A Man

Giulia Marta Vallar: Pantera Dimebag CFH Guitar Solo

Jen Majura: Making Of InZENity Shooting

Roz Firth: Attention My Friend

Marcela Campos: Cissy Strut solo

Mariko Cello: Ancient Flame and Expression [Official Video]

Mary Spender: you might enjoy learning about my acoustic guitars

Adunbee: Blackened The Cursed Sun - Lamb of God

Chelsea Wolfe: 16 Psyche (Official Video)