Noelle dos Anjos: Star Wars Guitar Medley Cover

Vanesa Harbek: Vargas Blues Band - Malted Milk - Black Note Club

Alex Snowden: Doll Skin Live Full Show @ Vamp'd in Las Vegas 9/27/17

Ariel Bellvalaire, Emily Ruvidich: Paradise Kitty - Count's Vamp'd Rock Bar in Las Vegas. 2017

Antra Lante: "Loving You" By Minnie Riperton/arrangement

Hilal Luna: a little impro

Ariel Bellvalaire, Emily Ruvidich: Paradise Kitty "Out ta Get Me" Sleigh Ride 2017 @ Slidebar, Fullerton, Ca.

Ariane Cap: Talking Technique: Whole Tone Riffin'

Yonit Spiegelman: Lessonface - Advanced Time and Feel Exercise for Bass Guitar

Cori Franks: Kill The Sound - Shallow Guitar Playthrough Jericho Elite 7-

Melissa Hernandez: with Oscar Javier Garay Save The Fallen- "Fate" Guitar Playthrough

Nili Brosh: Nilick of the Week #152 - Jam Track Central Solo

Sarah Michelle, Becky Baldwin, Rosie Botterill: Dorja - PledgeMusic crowdfunding campaign is now live and running!

Chelsea Constable: Pt. 1 the new album available in Japan

Nina Kubatzki: Korpse - Collateral Casualties Cover

Samantha Fish: BluesBroad ❀ Bay Shore, NY 2017

Ruru Mitsuru, Misa: Bridear Full Concert - Live Palazzo Beat 2017

Ruru Mitsuru, Misa: Bridear - Őszi MondoCon 2017

Satomi Asai: Room 335

Kristen Capolino: Still Got The Blues and Joy To The World at the Rustic Barn - 2017

Laura Cox: Going Down Live @ Blue Devils Orléans 2017

Alicyn Yaffee: Days of Wine and Roses - Wes Montgomery transcription

Kyo Yoshida: Deep Unknown - Stratovarius

Kaki King: Fortuna Featuring Berklee Porta Girevole Chamber Orchestra

Sophie Burrell: new album - Saints Of Sin - Welcome To The Circus

Jess Woess: Out of It - The Story So Far

Nita Strauss: Alice Cooper - Live Paris 2017

Adva Hay: The Faceless - Emancipate guitar cover/A.H

Sarah Longfield: Meshuggah Bleed - This song was nuts

Lari Basílio: He is Exalted

Momo: Ripping it up on the Yngwie classic Anguish and Fear

Louisa Maria Baker: completes recording of his acoustic album

Sarah Michelle, Becky Baldwin, Rosie Botterill : Dorja set to announce a crowdfunding campaign on PledgeMusic

Rita, Valentina Vanzan: Zeppelin Flames - Milanese tribute to Led Zeppelin

Mary Spender: Taking The Boss Katana Mini For A Spin...

Leticia Filizzola: That's what I like - Bruno Mars - guitar cover

Sophie Burrell: Crazy Horse Solo - Black Label Society

Chantel McGregor: Live at Kulturrampe - Krefeld - 2017

Hisako Osawa: 2Hot 2Handle tears it up at the Viper Room Hollywood!

Giulia Marta Vallar: Cemetery Gates Guitar Solo - tribute to the late Dimebag

Lindy Day: What About Us - Beginner Guitar Lesson

Jennifer Lyn: jams on a ’66 Strat