Yu Ogami: BABYMETAL 「Road of Resistance」- recovering from a broken wrist.

A few years ago my left wrist broke.
Who is not bad, it was sudden.
A month later I tried playing the guitar after I could get the bandage. I can not play the phrase that I should have memorized hard. It felt as though it was broken by mischief, the building blocks piled up over time. I shed tears and put the guitar. I ran away without being able to endure myself who could not play well.
Several years have passed since then. One day some days were not satisfied even if I did anything. Somehow I looked back on my past. Then suddenly I remembered the "roots" that I once held with my dreams, and me.
"What did I do?"
The tears did not stop. Even though I could not be passionate like then I thought about starting the guitar again.
But I regretted not being playing the guitar for a couple of years.
At that time, I got a message to me who posted a performance video of the guitar.
"I wanted to play the guitar again when I saw this movie."
To me who quit the guitar once, how much did I cheer up on this word?
And I got a goal. When I watch my performance, people who have given up their dreams or who are frustrated play like playing guitar again. That is the only way I can repay "on that day".

This is my resistance.

Yu on the cord

BABYMETAL 「Road of Resistance」 guitar cover 【TAB】