Yu Ogami: Canon Rock

Thank you for many comments and comments on the previous video.(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0h_qi...)
During the period when I was practicing this song, there were times when I had a hard time at private and my heart was hurt.
I hurt my eyes with sickness, I also hurt my left wrist.
However, I also had a great gospel.
There was a friend who told me that important things are important.
I told the friend that I've been having a hard time.
Perhaps I was thinking that "I am alone" for everything, it may be that I was merely confined in my cage by myself.
I feel gratitude and happiness to that friend.
It is the same for you who watches this video.
For those who usually watch my videos, I just made thanks and happy feelings.
I was very happy while making this video.
Just as I have the gospel, I wish you all great gospel.

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Canon Rock by you ogami