Saturday, 11 February 2017

Lari Basilio: Joe Basilio and Lari trade solos for Joe's 3rd range from the EP Excelsis.

3rd range from his new EP Excelsis. The song was written to feature traded solos between Joe and his sister Lari Basilio.

3rd range of my EP Excelsis


Joe Basilio e Lari Basilio - Two-Trick (HD)

Heather Faulkner: Born To Be My Baby - Lay Your Hands On Me

Born To Be My Baby - Lay Your Hands On Me( All Female Bon Jovi Tribute)
Live @ Bartini bar & Lounge

Filmed by Brooke Nekos©

Miriam Kemp: Snarky Puppy - Flood

Thanks for watch!

Snarky Puppy - Flood (Miriam Kemp)

Yvette Young: Ares playthrough of a single from Yvette's band Covet

This is a playthrough of a single my band Covet just released available on bandcamp:

Song by: Covet
Solo page:

I am playing a 7 string Strandberg that I painted myself. Contact me for custom paintjobs (I run a lil gig out of my garage):

Shot by: Jake Huber / Alex Joss
Edited by: Nathan Kane http://

Yvette Young - Ares (guitar playthrough)

Nili Brosh: Nilick of the Week #110: Imposing Melodic Minor #11

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Nilick of the Week #110: some ideas of how to impose the very cool melodic minor #11 scale on top of a stagnant inspired by the amazing Per Nilsson!

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Nili Brosh // Nilick of the Week #110: Imposing Melodic Minor #11

Naia Izumi: VLOG about latest guitar journeys

The song in this video is the title trace from my soul gaze EP...

2 8 2017 vlog