Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Mercédesz Tóth: Pantera I'm Broken with Atila Voros

The talented Merci is now playing the sh.t out of one of PanterA's iconic songs, I'm Broken.
Getcha pull!!! \,,/

Pantera I'm Broken by Merci - Master & Student

Very proud about my little brother Beni - who learnt the song on bass pretty much the day before recording it - and Merci who keeps kicking ass big time, too.
Watch out guys, the new kids are on the block!;)
They keep the legacy alive!

Master & Students - PanterA -Mouth For War by Merci & Beni

Laura V Bustillos: LVictoria's New Album on CD, Series of Miracles

Buy LVictoria's New Album on CD, Series of Miracles. For now
email her HERE for details!


  • Ready To Rock
  • Lost In The Sound
  • Searies Of Miracles
  • Red Hot
  • I Believe In You
  • Piece Of Heaven
  • I Believe In You (Spanish)
  • Together
  • Rather Be Your Lover
  • I Think I Love You

Yvette Young: Teaming up with protone pedals to release a signature Chorus pedal

Yvette Young

Teaming up with @protonepedals to release a signature Chorus pedal!! This is the art I made for it that will be on the enclosure. I chose a spirit because it sounds all ethereal and moody. Hyyyppppped ❤ demos soon! #protone#protonepedals #chorus #illustration#yvetteyoungart #ghost #demon

Alex Szmeja: Insomnium - Weather the Storm guitar cover

Many of you wanted me to make a cover of this song, so here you go. Hope you'll like it!

snapchat: alex_szmeja
twitter: alex_szmeja
instagram: olaszmeja
facebook: olaszmejaof

Check out a great band of my dear friend Alex, and give them some support here:


Insomnium - Weather the Storm guitar cover by Alex Szmeja