Thursday, 16 February 2017

Sade Sanchez, Irita Pai, Ellie English: STOLEN GEAR ALERT L.A. WITCH: Tour Van Broken into Bristol UK - Please help if you can.

SADE SANCHEZ - vox/guitar
IRITA PAI - bass

 After our show in Bristol, we woke up to the front passenger window and door smashed in on our tour van. We are absolutely devastated as it is only the 3rd show of a month long European/UK Tour. $4000+ worth of stolen items were all labeled with our band name, Sade's name and email, and include the following:

-- GRETSCH DUO JET G6128T GUITAR W/ BIGSBY - Serial No. JD05092535 - Missing bottom guitar strap knob/pin
-- TC Electronic Ditto x2 Loop Pedal
-- Line 6 Echo Park Delay
-- Boss Digital Delay DD-3
-- Electro Harmonix Holy Grail Reverb Pedal Original Model
-- Boss TS9 Tube Screamer
-- Boss DF2 Superfeedbacker and Distortion
-- Boss TU2 Chromatic Tuner
-- Vox Curly Cable Guitar Lead
-- Mogami Gold Series Guitar Cable
-- Visual Sound 1 Spot 9V Power Supply and Daisy Chain x2
-- Pedaltrain Metro 20 20"x8" Pedalboard and Soft Case
-- Mogami Patch Cables x7
-- Lock-It Guitar Strap
-- Epiphone Soft Case Gig Bag

If anyone in the U.K./Europe has any of these items they would be willing to lend us for the tour, or help us replace, please let us know!

We're still a small band and we travel on a very tight budget, and had been hoping to break even. We love touring and playing music, and we really want to be able to finish out the rest of this tour. We started a GoFundMe to help replace the items that were stolen, any little bit would help so much:

Thank you to everyone for their love and support over the years, it means everything to us!

P.S. If the good people of Bristol could keep an eye out for these stolen items, we would be forever grateful. We're also looking to fix the smashed window and dooras soon as possible so we can continue the tour tomorrow, and our insurance won't cover the fix :( If anyone has any tips they would be greatly appreciated as well!

Thank you to Alex of Stolen Body Records/Bristol Psych Fest for helping us through this tough time. Unfortunately we will not be able to make it in time to our show tonight in Glasgow, as the van is in dire need of repair. We promise to make it up to you as soon as we can. 

Kim McAuliffe, Jackie Chambers: Girlschool - Take It Like A Band - Monsters of Rock Cruise 2017 MORC

Girlschool live @ Monsters of Rock Cruise 2017, 06 Feb 2017

Kim McAuliffe Vocals and Guitar
Enid Williams: Vocals and Bass
Jackie Chambers: Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals
Denise Dufort: Drums

Girlschool - Take It Like A Band - Monsters of Rock Cruise 2017 MORC

Naia Izumi: The Weight - The hardest thing about this song was coordinating the pedal dancing

The hardest thing about this song was coordinating the pedal dancing with the tapping , the singing at the same time and press record on my phone , the camera and the computer ... Must have been 10 or more takes to do all that and play the song straight though lol ...

Buy this song at http://naiaizumi.bandcamp.comand
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The Weight

EvilAngel Chax: Ooh La La - Guitar Solo [original]

EvilAngel Chax have as a heavy thing for Ooh La La - Guitar Solo part of an original composition

Ooh La La - Guitar Solo [original]

Arielle: Episode 1 - 8 Days in Ireland/UK Tour

Welp! I am on the rooooad again! And I can't freaking wait!
I am getting ready for a two week adventure to the UK (Not long enough) but it'll be enough for now!

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Episode 1 - 8 Days in Ireland/UK Tour

Fragile - Sting (Arielle Cover)