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Ayu Gusfanz: November Rain By Guns N' Roses - 11 Years Old
cp: 085237378174

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the Lord of Hosts ,, Father & Mother, Pak Dhe Arix, Jhon Progressive Om, Om Prihatna JP, Mrs. Peni Cameron, Om Jhe Jhe, Om Chondro Baskoro, Mr.Frank Webb, Om Te Shugix and Ulfa, brother Paul, sister Ariel Friedman, MJ Meme, Om Tito Eko, Fathir om, om Eko Herry BS, KakakNopendri Nopen, toying Harwulan brother, brother Dian Metall Risen, brother Atik Amey, brother Anae Gadiez, all family Ayu in Bondowoso, Situbondo, of plants, and Banyuwangi, Ayu GusfanZners and all you want friends, friends who always support Ayu till now, Salam Peace always.

November Rain By Guns N' Roses cover Ayu Gusfanz (11 Years Old)

Polina Sedova: You Know and Play with me

Guitar - Konstantin Sedov
Guitar - Polina Sedova
Bass - Alex Zavolokin
Key - Evgenija Prokhorova
Drums - Victor Kukormin

Съемка: Сергей Капитанюк


Polina Sedova - You Know

Polina Sedova - Play with me

Erin Coburn: Glad To See You Go

My band performing one of my original songs at the Marietta Blues Challenge Feb 2017.
Dixon Creasey, Jr on bass
Joe Nasser on drums

Glad To See You Go - Erin Coburn

Adunbee: Higher - Avenged Sevenfold guitar cover

If the video is not available, I have the solo on my Instagram!
I'm so excited to cover Higher from Avenged Sevenfolds latest album - it's so cool!! Keep on ROCKING!!
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Thank you for watching!! ROCK ON!!!! \,,/

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Higher - Avenged Sevenfold guitar cover | Adunbee

Alex Schmeia: Paramore - Misery Business guitar cover

Check out my little solo at 2:27

Facebook: @alexszmeja
Instagram: @alex_szmeja
Snapchat: @alex_szmej

Paramore - Misery Business guitar cover by Alex Schmeia

Becky Baldwin, Bec Jevons: IDestroy Stalybridge Tavern 2017

Becky Baldwin, Bec Jevons: IDestroy Stalybridge Tavern 2017

Becky Baldwin, Bec Jevons: IDestroy

Keisandeath: Lobelia 【MV】

On March 17, there live in Kichijoji crescendo, very happy DEATH After me came (; ∀;) Guards Wanted → http //:
in Youtube Space Tokyo workshop (your study group),
the cool video shooting if there is planning that way, we were using the Watakushi and Watakushi of the song at that time.
Care like !! DEATH
Youtube amazing! I appreciate it
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https: //Www.Facebook.Com/keisandeath
Http://Greava.Com Https://Www.Facebook.Com/ GREAVA-52751 ...follow thank you. Do not forget to follow me and thumbs up :)

Lobelia 【MV】short Keisandeath ver.

Nastia Kossiak: Van Halen - Eruption cover

Nastia Kossiak
18 y.o

Nastia Kossiak: Van Halen - Eruption cover

17 years old

Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb Solo Cover

Cliffs of Dover - Eric Johnson (COVER)

Julie Slick: from two balconies by echotest


Julie Slick:
Marco Machera and I are proudly presenting a new EchoTest album, exploring new heights in our collaboration with our third release: "From Two Balconies". Displaying an even higher production value, a new member (drummer Alessandro Inolti), many more guests (Pat Mastelotto, Tim Motzer, Ali Wadsworth, Ian Gray, Greg Rosen, and Sarah Anderson), the record is a departure from the heavily instrumental and bass-dominated "Fourth Dementia" (2014) and "Le Fil Rouge" (2015). The tracks chronicle a contemporary tragedy, the resulting resonance of characters trapped in a tempestuous tormented limbo. It features lead vocals on 7 out of 10 tracks—Marco takes this role on a few songs, but he also shares this job with Mike Visser (Imaginary Tricks) and Claire Wadsworth. "From Two Balconies" is a modern-sounding, yet classic record that defies genres, showcasing music that is truly progressive in nature. Featuring artwork by the legendary Derek Riggs.

from two balconies

1. supercell 06:42
2. rack+ruin 03:26
3. the mystical connected us 04:29
4. confirmation bias 04:32
5. beats in the brain 04:53
6. the plight 07:30
7. sense of urgency 06:16
8. pity 03:35
9. radio sayonara 03:52
10. reflect/reflex 11:36

released February 6, 2017
echotest are:
julie slick—bass VI, drum programs
marco machera—bass V, vocals
alessandro inolti—drums
tim motzer—guitar (tracks 1, 3, 5, 10)
ian gray—trombone (track 1, 6)
greg rosen—trumpet (track 1, 6)
zach lopresti—guitar (track 1)
mike visser—vocals (tracks 1, 2, 6), guitar (track 8)
ali wadsworth—vocals (tracks 3, 6, 8, 10)
pat mastelotto—drums (track 3, 5)
sarah "flossy" anderson—violin (track 6)
claire wadsworth—vocals, piano (track 8)
gary slick—vocals (track 9)
produced by echotest and mixed by todd mecaughey at cambridge sound studios in philadelphia
mastered by andrea pellegrini in italy
design by drekko

shredding bass Adrian Belew Power Trio's "e" while Ben paints.

Nik West: new tour dates, US dates to follow

Had a great couple of months off and now we're gettin ready to slap you with some more #funk ...stay tuned for more dates! US dates announced soon!

Sarah Longfield: Compass Cover - original by Zella Day!

My cover of Compass by Zella Day!
released February 17, 2017

Yukiko Onishi: Blueffect1 "Rinne" guitar!

Twitter: Https://Twitter.Com/Blueffect1

※ Upon girl band formed in Osaka
looking for vocals and guitar and drums!

Now you have the guitar and the base! (And then to five organization of twin guitar.)

Will be the activity of basically original songs!

If high school students to 23-year-old woman!

If you have interest, please contact us by e-mail or Twitter!

in the comments section of the video, please understand that it does not accept the application of the subscriber.

I play bee "Rinne" guitar! Yukiko! In the band members Wanted!

Fe Schenker: Chikyuugi guitar playthrough

Guitar playthrough da versão de Chikyuugi (trilha de Cavaleiros do Zodíaco) como interpretada pela banda Bombshells.

Chikyuugi (Kings of the zodiac soundtrack) guitar playthrough as played by Bombshells band.

Mais sobre mim / More about me:

Fe Schenker - Chikyuugi guitar playthrough

Juliana Vieira: Sweater Weather - The NBHD

Buy my picks! Send an email to D

Instagram: @JulianaVieiraGT

Video Finishing: Paulo Ribeiro

Sweater Weather - The NBHD

Rebecca Lovell, Megan Lovell: Larkin Poe - playing a 1948 Martin 0-18, Rickenbacker Lap Steel and Danelectro Sitar

Tyler Bryant & Larkin Poe came by #NormansRareGuitars and played us a tune called "Hey Sinner". Tyler is playing a Danelectro Baby Sitar, Rebecca Lovell is playing our 1948 Martin 0-18 and Megan Lovell is playing our Rickenbacker Lap Steel. What do you guys think of this jam session?

Tyler Bryant & Larkin Poe playing a 1948 Martin 0-18, Rickenbacker Lap Steel & Danelectro Sitar

Sade Sanchez, Irita Pai, Ellie English: LA Witch Manchester Day Cafe 2017

Sade Sanchez, Irita Pai, Ellie English: LA Witch Manchester Day Cafe 2017

After our show in Bristol, we woke up to the front passenger window and door smashed in on our tour van. We are absolutely devastated as it is only the 3rd show of a month long European/UK Tour. $4000+ worth of stolen items were all labeled with our band name, Sade's name and email, and include the following:

-- GRETSCH DUO JET G6128T GUITAR W/ BIGSBY - Serial No. JD05092535 - Missing bottom guitar strap knob/pin
-- TC Electronic Ditto x2 Loop Pedal
-- Line 6 Echo Park Delay
-- Boss Digital Delay DD-3
-- Electro Harmonix Holy Grail Reverb Pedal Original Model
-- Boss TS9 Tube Screamer
-- Boss DF2 Superfeedbacker and Distortion
-- Boss TU2 Chromatic Tuner
-- Vox Curly Cable Guitar Lead
-- Mogami Gold Series Guitar Cable
-- Visual Sound 1 Spot 9V Power Supply and Daisy Chain x2
-- Pedaltrain Metro 20 20"x8" Pedalboard and Soft Case
-- Mogami Patch Cables x7
-- Lock-It Guitar Strap
-- Epiphone Soft Case Gig Bag

If anyone in the U.K./Europe has any of these items they would be willing to lend us for the tour, or help us replace, please let us know!

We're still a small band and we travel on a very tight budget, and had been hoping to break even. We love touring and playing music, and we really want to be able to finish out the rest of this tour. We started a GoFundMe to help replace the items that were stolen, any little bit would help so much:

Currently raised $7,955 of $4,350 goal

Thank you to everyone for their love and support over the years, it means everything to us!

P.S. If the good people of Bristol could keep an eye out for these stolen items, we would be forever grateful. We're also looking to fix the smashed window and dooras soon as possible so we can continue the tour tomorrow, and our insurance won't cover the fix :( If anyone has any tips they would be greatly appreciated as well!

Thank you to Alex of Stolen Body Records/Bristol Psych Fest for helping us through this tough time. Unfortunately we will not be able to make it in time to our show tonight in Glasgow, as the van is in dire need of repair. We promise to make it up to you as soon as we can.