Friday, 10 March 2017

Keira Witherkay: KT's Cirque du Jazz Johannesburg , South Africa march 2017

from a live gig in Johannesburg , South Africa march 2017 at Amuse cafe

recorded 100% live... Tracey Mathews on vocals & Keira Witherkay plays guitar and uses drum triggers (left foot triggers bass drum/right foot triggers snare and the brush in Keira's right hand plays on a drum trigger mounted on the guitar to play the ride cymbal .............. 100% live loops or backingtracks...

KT's Cirque du Jazz , Keira Witherkay & Tracey Mathews perform summertime 2017 march

Momo: Seventh Sign - Yngwie Playthrough

Let black is also a much less in Ushiwaka round purchase than Kurama inclusion
Yoshitsune Yoshitsune

momo 16years old 「SEVENTH SIGN」/ Yngwie Malmsteen guitar cover

Adunbee: Lesson and How I Practice Advanced Solo Part I'm working on!

Music world's take on "get ready with me" - Practice with me!!
It's so difficult, and I'm currently practicing at 100-110 BPM, and I need to get to 190 before Sunday!! What?? Also, I'm not saying which song, hahah! YAY! ROCK ON!!
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New cover every Sunday!! METALSUNDAY!!! YAY!!

Thank you for watching!! ROCK ON!!!! \,,/

Lesson and How I Practice Advanced Solo Part I'm working on!

Fe Schenker: Sponge Bob Square pants - Bob Esponja (guitar)

Tocando o tema de fechamento do desenho Bob Esponja!
Playing Sponge Bob's closing theme!

Mais sobre mim / More about me:

Fe Schenker - Bob Esponja (guitar)

Lari Basílio: Solo performance

Little solo with this beautiful LesPaul :)
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Solo - Lari Basilio