Jennifer Batten: favorite guitar stolen!

Marta Witiw: MayonesDuncan competition - the only female entry?

Ariel Bellvalaire: Over the Mountain Solo - Splawn amp and Fender Strat

Marina Melikian: Capriccio Arabo - F. Tarrega

Miki Kato: Sevens - Guthrie Govan cover

Merel van Hoek: Arrival Part I - acoustic original

Heike Matthiesen: La Paloma (classical guitar)

Lzzy Hale: plays Guns N Roses Cover

Anna Likhacheva: Caprice no 24 by N.Paganini (live)

Zoe Thomson: The Pretender by Foo Fighters

Courtney Cox,Nikki Stringfield: Iron Maidens Paladino's 2012

Miki Kato: Respect - Jennifer Batten

Michelle Meldrum,Nicole Couch: Phantom Blue - Live at Dynamo Club 1989

Christie Lenee: acoustic tapping - Carol of the Bells

Blackie Steele: free download album available

Anna Likhacheva: Cavatina by Stanley Myers

Gretchen Menn: on the bill for new Jason Becker benefit!

Yvi Wylde: Mainhattan Skyline - GEE

Paulitchas Carregosa: The Muses of Metal - jams The Faceless

Su mi Lee: Alex Hutchings and Guthrie Govan

Annie Grunwald: Evasion - electronica djent

Polina Slavskaya: i did it for the lulz !

Andreia Gomez: Christmas special - Ten questiions for the new exciting legato talent

Jessica Vega: playing rip your face off metal with Jane Doe

Nili Brosh: the recording sessions

Kate Anikina: demos Bogner Ecstacy amp Xotic RC booster, Xotic BB preamp

Lisa Kelly: tributes to Frank Zappa

Miki Kato: Cliffs of Dover (Eric Johnson)

Debora Valençay: Highway To Hell

Karolina Sustova: Happy Birthday

Lari Basilio: jams with Santo Angelo guitar players

Mio Jäger,Mary Säfstrand: Frantic Amber - Ghost

Samantha Fish, Dani Wilde: Blues Girl got Guitars!

Joanne Shaw Taylor: Premier Guitar interview

Sylwia Urban: Nearing 1,000,000 for the Pink Floyd solos

Ciara Camacho: Ibanez 8 String Periphery - New Groove

Liza Sanchez: Wanted - looking for female lead guitar player for an Aerosmith tribute band

Simona Malandrino: playing for Ian Paice & Rapture band

Lari Basilio: Do you need words?