Cherry Blossom: Ouka - Yngwie - playing the new album Spellbound

Hello, it is Ouka. 
I tried playing the new album Spellbound spellbound of Yngwie. 
. ~ I~i (⌒ _ ⌒ difficulty; UP in the first year to 1 January 2013 
.. because I wanted to UP on New Year's Day, has a low degree of perfection in useless Zhu ~ m (· ε ·) m 
this time ,. using pink paisley Fender Japan Strat 
Neck to the ST72-140. in a little thicker. necks 
. was used with an amplifier of course, the YJM100 Marshall 
1960TV cabinet is usually, not alwaysんusing the 1960A's. 
to only delay in the ME-5 of BOSS. effector 
than basswood body, (o ^ ∇ ^ o)ノ~ may prefer the Alder 
properly more because you have not practiced only three days to do my best to be the perfect pop.