Nita Strauss, Courtney Cox: Lorraine Lewis and Femme Fatale prepare for secret show!

Femme Fatale
Femme Fatale Baby - This is how we do it!! Femme Fatale Rehearsal last nite w/ photographer Robert Downs being a "fly on the wall" while we worked, rocked, swaggered and sweat! More FF Rehearsal tomorrow nite - but 2 nite FF will be at the Whiskey for Nita's band Consume the Fire -Cannot Wait...XO Photo Credit: Robert Downs Photography

Nita Strauss
‎2 killer rehearsals tonight.. one for the still secret show, then a great time with Femme Fatale!! Back at it tomorrow, 3 pm studio call time for what promises to be an all nighter! 13 songs to get through! Can't wait until I can tell you guys what it's for :) :) Any day now! But RIGHT now time for ni ni

Nita Strauss Yup, it is being filmed

Courtney Cox Femme fatale is back'