Christie Lenée: Does anyone have suggestions for a name for this piece?

Christie Lenee
Does anyone have suggestions for a name for this piece? It has come to my attention that "Moonlight Serenade," the original title of this piece, was mistakenly named the same title of a very famous composition (a gorgeous piece of music I might add!)- To be honest, I had only heard instrumental versions of the original "Moonlight Serenade" and never knew the title. Likewise, naming this piece the same title was an honest mistake! Positively, it felt right at the time. This came to my attention by a post someone put on my YouTube channel saying how it sounded nothing like the piece. Oops- well luckily, it wasn't supposed to! Lol I temporarily re-titled this "Moonlight Over Water" but am still pondering other options... any ideas? I am thinking something with more intensity as really only the beginning is like a serenade. Oh, and meanwhile I just worked out an arrangement for the original composition of "Moonlight Serenade." What a beautiful piece of music- especially hearing Ella Fitzgerald sing it.

"Moonlight Over Water" - Christie Lenée - Fingerstyle / Tapping Acoustic Guitar