Miyako Watanabe: Drop Of Joker live date announced

a DROP OF JOKER's first planning DROPxDROPxDROP vol.1 2014.03.22 [Sat] @ heart Shinsaibashi bridge CLUB DROP ADV: ¥ 2,500 / day: ¥ 3,000 / DRINK: ¥ 500 opening: 17:00 / 00: 17: 30 ACT ↓ a DROP of JOKER/DAZZLE VISION and Deliver Us From Evil/No Limited Spiral and without infinity limited (MUGEN), mutsu Mamoru JAPAN/SPARK (f. Nagoya) DJ Takamosher (M .

O. D.)
Then follow the @adoj_0322 screen to show at the reception desk and nice perks!
https://Twitter.com/adoj_0322 tickets are down at!http://www.adropofjoker.NET/