Christie Lenée: talks about upcoming album

Christie Lenée: talks about upcoming album
Dearest friends,

Today marks history for a moment that is bound to change my life. In fact, this experience is destined to enhance my whole perspective of music and composition... to bring out the best performance and the most stunning piece of art I have ever created.

I am sitting here at the Tampa airport in route to Brattleboro, VT where I will be spending 6 days in the studio with world renowned producer Will Ackerman at Imaginary Road Studios in he mountains of Vermont. Will is a legend and multi-Grammy award winning producer who has created albums that have been transforming in my life. In addition, he happens to be one of the most deep, beautiful human beings I have ever met with the mountain recording studio of my dreams.

I have been working hard for many years with the hope to work with a producer that can bring my true visions alive. In my heart I know that Will Ackerman will bring something more in me than I could ever imagine.... And I know, that true magic will be created.

We have been emailing songs back and forth to get a head start in the pre-production process and are now ready to dive into this glorious experience. Some of the musicians joining us include Tony Levin (bassist for Peter Gabriel), Internationally recognized percussionist Jeff Haynes, my dear friend and long time music collaborator Joe Cosas (keys/organ/multi-instrumentalist), one of the top cello players in the world Eugene Friesen, and virtuoso flute/saxophone/vocalist Jose Valentino.

I will be surrounding myself with mountains and music through the 16th of December so you may not hear a peep from me until then. Do know that in the midst of my silence on social media sites there will be an outburst of blissful music happening. I love you all so much!

***Feeling grateful and incredibly blessed. This is a phenomenal, transforming moment.... Love and light to all. <3 :)

Live, create, explore...

Christie Lenée