Phoenix Van Wyden: Autograph - Turn Up The Radio Solo Cover

Leah Marie King: Wings Of The Raven Overdrive Pedal

Gabbie Rae: fifteen year old spotted by Wendy Dio ends up on the Monsters of Rock cruise.

Miyako Watanabe: a DROP OF JOKER 2nd single Trailer

Jikki: Irohauta | Transient the new album

Rebecca Scammon: EMG 8 String Improvisation also headed to NAMM

Joanne Shaw Taylor: In Session Team Rock Radio

Erja Lyytinen: Doctor Blues - Huddinge Jazz & Blues, Stockholm 2012

Joanne Shaw Taylor: Blues Caravan, Bonn, 2013

Samantha Fish: Sucker Born - Cigar Box guitar Howlin' Bonn 2013

Deanna Passarella: Little Wing - Jimi Hendrix - submission for the Talenthouse audition