Anouck André,Laura Klinkert: Gruv Gear jam NAMM 2014

Poliana Magalhães: Bruno Mars V Rage Against The Machine - you decide!

Karrie O'Sullivan: Louisa - sure to appeal to Joni Mitchell fans

Tullara Connors,Shalane Connors: Siskin River - acoustic and acoustic tappers

Nita Strauss,Courtney Cox: The twin axe attack heads to Vegas for a FREE show at Vamp'd

Elizabeth Schall: Dreaming Dead @ The Whiskey A Go-Go 03-08-14 - Jack Lue Series

Elizabeth Schall: Dreaming Dead headline Maidens Of Metal III

Tara Mcleod: Kittie frontwoman Morgan Lander talks about the band's upcoming 20th anniversary and the documentary

Monica Valli: with Gary Hoey Dallas Guitar Show 2014

Brena Amancio: Improvisation of the song "Temptation" and a snippet of Andy Timmons

Esprila Limariane: Smoke on the Water

Lari Basílio: excellent live clinic perfromance