Yui: with Ichiro - Blues Sessions and Crosstalk

Yashiro: cutting funky grooves on new DVD

Junko Sugawara: Funk Blues & cutting of ultimate

Sanae Kitano: Yngwie with Alcatrazz - General Hospital, Island In The Sun, Jet To Jet

Stéphanie Léveillé-Denis: demos Wolfgang Special and James Trussart SteelCaster Deluxe Paisley

Miyako Uno: covers from Yngwie Malmsteen and Kazumi Watanabe

Sanae Kitano: performs two originals in front of a live audience in Kyoto Japan

Yuki Yagimi: Mother Head's Family Reunion - great cover of the Richie Kotzen classic

Yuu Chi: smoking version of Racer X Scarified

Ekaterina Biricheva: 18 and life solo

Rie a.k.a. Suzaku: Sonic City the new CD

Saki,Rio: Mary's Blood - Deep Six

Amanda Hardy: Brotherhood of the Guitar Interview

Jess Lewis: Mack The Knife / Oleo / Sax innit!