Irene Ketikidi: With Lia Hide - closer NIN cover Athens

Mia Coldheart, Klara Force: Crucified Barbara - Stream the new album "In the Red"

The Commander-In-Chief: working on four new videos with Craig Ogden

Eva Vergilova: Purple Rain (Prince) - Cheapcaster style

Dana Marie Ulbrich: Lenny Kravitz - I'll be waiting

Simona Soddu: My resonator guitar (Down to whiskey - Eric Sardinas)

Anouck André, Laura Klinkert: Gruv Gear NAMM 2014

Alexandra Zerner: Nine Stories - A Perfect Day For Bananafish - ripping new tune

Tatiana Pará: new web site available in English

Annie Grunwald: Ibanez Seymour Duncan session 2 NAMM 2014

Jaden Carlson: jamming at NAMM 2014