Lari Basílio: Testing my brand new rig.

Sydney Ellen: Shea Hamilton as the new bassist of Moxy And The Influence!

Julia Kosterova: records guitars for Bunny Brunel's new CD Invent Your Future!

Nita Strauss: Alice Cooper - Foxy Lady - Nita in the own zone!

Christine Roberge: Paris Covered by Broken Nails

Jewel Steele, Lula Steele: Stereo Love - LA Rocks TV

Nita Strauss: Alice Cooper - As soon as Nita got her spot, she would run up to the front and just kill

Victoria Scarlet: Doom - Happy Metal Valentine's Day, guys!

Courtney Cox,Nikki Stringfield: Iron Maidens arocking the Slidebar 2015

Joanne Shaw Taylor: Session from Rams Head - Annapolis, MD 2015

Rebecca Laird: Lilt-Milne - Scottish lute piece arranged for guitar

Joyce Natali: Mama I'm Coming Home SOLO

Tina Guo: Official Video- Allemande from Bach's Cello Suite No.