Gabbie Rae: The House of Blues Anaheim NAMM After Party Jack Lue Series - and live video some of the best yet!

Eva Vergilova: Ms Cheapcaster delivers Yngwie's classic Black Star

Millisa Henderson: Flying in a Blue Dream - great playing for a good cause

Divaldi Addina: Kill The Serenade - Andy James Guitar Academy - 13 years old!

Federica Mapelli: FADE - Insomnia's lake

Atika Raisa: Keep Your Hands Off My Girl - Good Charlotte

JJ: Sum 41 - Motivation - Guitar Cover by Jassie

Anki Lettevall: Modesty Blaise from Malmo, Sweden - early 90's

Elizaveta Kolmagorova: Guthrie Govan-Blues Mutation (cover)