Steph Goyer: Protean Collective - Tremors (5.23.10)

Tomoko Tanaka: Hokkaido Skies from Dancing with A Gypsy Queen

JJ: Your Betrayal - Bullet For My Valentine - cover by Jassie J

Ariel Bellvalaire: Shoulda Known Better - Official Music Video

Gabriella Quevedo: Joky - Ahn Jung Jae

Jen Majura: plays Nobody's Laughing with Mattias IA Eklundh and Freak Kitchen

Aleksandra Ciecierska: JTC Solo Contest 2015 - great solo entry for the competition!

Eva Vergilova: Love In An Elevator - Cheapcaster given another spanking

Anna Sentina: No not Cross Roads... Get On the Floor by Michael Jackson

Carolyn Wonderland: The White Mountain Boogie 'N Blues Festival 2014

Phoenix Van Wyden: Dr Feelgood Guitar - Motley Crue tribute

Joanne Shaw Taylor: Mezz Breda Guitar Solo

Yvette Young: EMG artist enjoying the warmth of her new pickups