Noemi Terrasi: Octavarium Razor's Edge - Dream Theater - Solo Cover

Antra Lante: time for a cool fusion jam

Lydia Warren: Ladies of the Blues Live @ The Grog 3/15/15

Liz Berg: "Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You"

Natsumi: Anarchy Stone - Our World and China Town

Yuki NSZ, Yuino NSZ: Promise - New Strike Zipper

Feydy Lyvyr: If Hayley Williams Played Guitar... and God is Dead?

Antra Lante: Jimi Hendrix - Hey Joe

Noemi Terrasi: Clean Noodling - Schecter JL 7 - FR and Bugera 333-212

News: Sky Arts guitar competition - deadline is 31st March!

Nita Strauss: Canada clinic tour announced