Polina Sedova: Paul Gilbert, Tony MacAlpine and Vinnie Moore - excellent live performances

Maria Teryaeva: Competition Gibson and Mummy Troll second place

Glory Zolotov: Dreamtale excellent compostition and the Mummy Troll solo

Sylwia Urban: Dream Theater - Lines in the sand solo - great job!

Maria Barbieri, Daniela De Martino: Cantaloupe Island - Herbie Hancock

Mai Agan: MaiGroup & Håkan Broström - Fasching 06/03/2015

Reila Cat: Vinnie Moore and D_Drive covers

Sally Gates: Queen of Strings entry Orbweaver

Polina Sedova: Stupid Cupid - Roland GR-55 Guitar Synth - clever two handed interpretation

Željana Jerić: M. Gangi: Etude no.11 - Omis Guitar Fest

Ötvös Csilla: Queen of Strings Competition Guitar Entry

Aletta Funkybass: Incognito - The Way You Love (bass cover)

Oni, Sagara: Ganglion in Europe tour dates - Cologne Cathedral

Alexandra Zerner: WeeklyckZ #5 - 16th notes on a Am9 chord

Yue Miyagi: Breaktime-YUE's BUMPING JAM

Maria Barbieri: live solo - Ischia - i Personal - excellent playing

Polina Sedova: rocking bluesy solo for JTC Guitar Solo Contest 2015

Olga Goreva: rocking solo for JTC Solo Contest 2015

Christabel Pates: bluesy solo for JTC Solo Contest 2015