Yvi Wylde: Highway To Hell Solo by AC/DC

Lari Basílio: Teaser dia 3 - #newalbumLariBasilio2015

Ana Popovic: Can You See Me - Vauréal 2015

Shian Hirsch: near Agora stage Relish Guitars Musikmesse 2015

Peta Evans Taylor: The Band perform Inconvenience live at Pony

Anna Sentina: Carvin V49K Vanquish Bass Demo

Nita Strauss: Less than a week until the Ibanez Guitars Canada clinics

Moa Henriksson: Dead Heroine @ The Slidebar 03-24-15 Jack Lue Series

Moxy Anne, Sydney Ellen: Moxy And The Influence @ OC Marketplace (Costa Mesa, CA) 03-28-15

Kristen May: Flyleaf @ The Glass House (Pomona, CA) 03-12-15 Jack Lue Series

Jodie Schell: The Shakers @ King King 02-09-15 Jack Lue Series