Zora Csoknyai: Gary Moore-The Loner - excellent cover

Desiree Bassett: more tour vlog from the beautiful Öblarn!!

Isabel Torres: Original - Shure Play for LA 3rd Place

Maru Martinez: Intervals - Alchemy - kick ass cover

Victoria Blanchard: Vienna by Billy Joel - a great cover of this classic song

Joanne Shaw Taylor: Rhythm & Blues Night in Groningen and TV news item talking about live performances

Rebecca Lovell: Larkin Poe's lead singer recovering from major surgery - Get Well Soon!!!

Lula Steele,Jewel Steele: Stereo Love - Crazy Town - rocking it live!

Ludmila Oliveira: Stella by Starlight - duet with Ludmila Oliveira

Danielle Miraglia: with the The Glory Junkies Live 2015 - pop rock

Nita Strauss: That Metal Show | VH1 series

Desiree Bassett: with the Time machine PULSE

News: Shreddelicious passes 700,000 page views

Mariko Cello: Pretty cool cello solo