Aleksandra Ciecierska: performs instrumental versions' of Greatest hits

Yukiko Onishi, Momoko: recruiting bass and drums for Girls Rock

Gabriella Quevedo: New arrangement of Dream On

Ludmila Oliveira: performs Gaiolas abertas by João Donato

Tina Hristova: Svilena Georgieva and Friends - 'Otkrovenie'

Cinthya Blackcat: "Siempre fiel" Mystica Girls, Force Fest 2015

Sarah Longfield: The Fine Constant at The Frequency 2015

Courtney Cox: Shanda Golden Lucky Strike interview

Lydia Warren, Michele Rockwell: Live at the Players Blues Jam 2015

Samantha Fish: Interviews with Club TV

Joanne Shaw Taylor: Diamonds In The Dust - Monster crowd at the Moulin Blues Ospel 2015

Nita Strauss: Alice Cooper - Poison - LIVE Adelaide 2015