Abby Clutario: Darkglass Electronics Microtubes B7k and 10-string Bamboo Chapman Stick

Maru Martinez: working on a ripping original song

Ludmila Oliveira: Receita de samba (solo)

Youyou A: Foo Fighters - Everlong

Momo: round and round girl - muscle girl band guitar cover - 14 years old

Saki: Schecter Hellraizer - Gimme chocolate!! ( BabyMetal )-(COVER)

Yuka Hariil: Power of Geisha - live at 1980's tribute at Rokko 2015

Simona Soddu: SilverTongue - If it's too loud, you're too old... or the police have just been called

Adna Mahic: Bacila je sve niz rijeku

Tereza Pšenčíková, Nikola Kandoussi: The Agony - Dirty And Dangerous (FULL ALBUM, 2015)

Yvette Young: UK tour dates listed on

Emma Ruth Rundle: Electric Guitar One - Nimbus-like distorted guitar, seraphic voice at altitude

Monique Martinelli: John Mayall & Bluesbreakers - Steppin Out!