Heidi Shepherd,Carla Harvey: Butcher Babies: Hellfest 2015 Full Show

Kanami, Miku: Band-Maid - "thrill" is played two million times in two weeks on Facebook

Sophie Lloyd: B Aeolian Improvisation - nice job!

Julia Kosterova: Led Zeppelin - The Ocean Riff - Guitar Cover by Julyshredder

Tina Guo: seal team six? Bach Courante - Patreon Special Preview

Danielle Miraglia: MoeJoeVision Eddie Scheer's Tuesday Night All Stars Live @ The Corrib Pub 6/23/15

Lisa13, Min: Moth in Lilac - DreamHall , Seoul Korea 2015

Joanne Shaw Taylor: Classic Rock Magazine is offering a free download of Joanne’s new single “Wicked Soul”

Mayuko Okai, Tsuzumi Okai: Okai sisters announce Tabitha gig tonight at the Viper room!

Yvette Young: The second instalment of a project by Lorisa Salvatin for Xpress Magazine.