Samantha Fish: announces the release date for her third studio release, Wild Heart

Helim Doo: replays the tapping tour de force - Fade To Blue - Guthrie Govan

Alexandra Musielewicz, Magda Piędzia: Recon By Fire - Traitors

Caterina Crucitti: Billy Cobham Medley - Bass - just wow!

Maria Fernanda Cals: Indiscipline - Deserving Hate live how 2015

Maria Loreto Ampuero: Circus solo - great solo performance

Luna Umegaki: LU7 announce live date

Ekaterina Biricheva: Ready, Set, Fall! - Skyscrapers

Marina: Terry Bozzio proud of daughter Marina drummer for JRock band Aldious

Ayu Gusfanz: 10 year old rips through Dragon Force- Through the Fire and Flames

Janiva Magness: cigar box blues with Ronnie 2015

Millisa Henderson: Joe Satriani's "Mountain Song"