Jen Majura: 'Cause we've ended as lovers (Jeff Beck)

Ryu: Blood Stain Child - Last Stardust

Yoshi,Toki,Sawa,Marina: Aldious - Believe Myself and die for you

Carolyn Wonderland: live at Fountain Blues Festival 2015

Chantel McGregor: Acoustic - (ET phone) Home... phone charger problems

Joanne Shaw Taylor: Mud Honey and Watch 'Em Burn - Roots in the Park 2015

Martina Blazeska: Eternity - Duke B. ft Martina Blazeska

Alicia Marie Venchuk: Love Me Like a Man by Big Al and the Blues Pals

Asakappe, Roller: Girl rock band revolution [voice] MV

Alexandra Zerner: Tapping arpeggio lick on a Dmaj9 chord

Lisa13, Min: Moth in Lilac - ripping it up at Numabukuro Tokyo 2015

Mayuko Okai, Tsuzumi Okai: Okai sisters rock it out with Tabitha

Samantha Fish: Black Cat Bone and Sucker Born in HD3D Holophonic sound

Isa Nielsen: Beat it Solo - Eddie Van Halen classic