Saki: Mary's Blood: Bite The Bullet - this autumn launch of the New album announced

Poliana Magalhães: while dinner's in the oven.. for some bass

Courtney Cox, Nikki Stringfield: Iron Maidens - Upcoming Mexico Tour dates 2015

Jewel Steele, Lula Steele : Stereo Love - live 4th Of July - Santa Barbara 2015

Maru Martinez: kicking metal butt for VOM Mikasa Cover Contest

Lari Basílio: new album and DVD pre order coming soon

Laura Dubrulle: Foo Fighters - Arlandria - Guitar Cover

Yui: Cyntia - live ballad Suiren to Cho epic melodic metal

Giorgia Hannoush: Stompin' at the Savoy-Hannoush-Belli jazz guitar duo

Julia Kosterova: Led Zeppelin - RockNRoll - Guitar Riffs Cover by Julyshredder

Anna Greta Giannotti: smooth Sunday noodling - Fender Stratocaster Deluxe Limited Edition 1992

Para Mexer: Flute - Animals As Leaders