Simone Dow: Voyager Fire of the times - awesome soloing ready for the US tour

Jane Getter: Premonition - On - teaser for new album

Paula Leão,Julia Pombo: SCATHA Recordings - Guitar - Day One

Tina Guo: Official Video- Genesis Rising

Leah Woodward: Aliases - Final mix day chaos

Katrin Child: Delta Blues - Russia in the rain

Meliani Siti Sumartini: VOM Mikasa Cover Contest

Maria Fernanda Cals: Indiscipline - Deserving Hate - promo video

Laura Cox: Rocking my Bacchus Duke

Heike Matthiesen: Fernando Sor , Variations op.9

Luna Lee: B. B. King-The Thrill Is Gone Gayageum

Momo: Dreamin' - Boowy excellent cover

Desiree Bassett: new web site announced

Tina Guo: Queen Bee Live in Rehearsal

Rebecca Williams: demos 2015 Fender American Relic Art Guitar Custom Shop '54 Strat pickups

Nita Strauss, Yasi Hofer, Anna Portalupi: Docker's Guild - The Heisenberg Diaries - Book A - 31 days left of the fundraiser