Sadie Norkin: Creating New Life - very impressive progressive rock musician from Los Angeles

Jess Araten: Grammy Camp Jazz Session Audition

Tina Guo: My 30th Birthday Care Package Drive and Giveaway

Noa Drezner: Las Primas Flamenco Experience - "Calle campana"

Ayu Gusfanz: Si Bolang versi - Tina Silvana - shredding with her cute backing band

Mai Agan: MaiGroup "YOU" preview - great fusion album

Tess Tyler: Procyon IV - original filmic composition set to visuals

Luna Lee: Stevie Wonder- Isn't she lovely Gayageum by Luna

Josephine Andriani: A world in the heart

Rie a.k.a Suzaku: Farewell from 2nd-ever full-length album

Genny Jam: Hoochie Coochie Man Intro Line - Chuck Brown

Alexandra Zerner: Four Arpeggio Sequence Lick, based on Gm, Gm#7, Gm7, and Gm6