Marin Miyazawa, Yuki Uozumi: LoVendoЯ - Young Guitar interview and instrumental playthroughs

Judith Beckedorf: Morning Sky - finger picked guitar

Tina Guo: Here is the beautiful "My Life for Aiur" from our live performance at BlizzCon 2015!

Samantha Wells: "A la Nanita Nana"Promo for concert with the Melodia Women's Choir of NYC

Tina Hristova: performs Slash - Anastasia with her band Loud.

JJ: Jassy J with DeSade - Disturbed - Down With The Sickness - Dual Guitar Cover Instrumental

Kennerly Kitt, Camille Kitt: QUEENSRŸCHE “Silent Lucidity” - Harp Twins Camille and Kennerly

Hannah Rose: Crazy Train At the Lighthouse Cafe with 11Echo

Julie Slick: EchoTest—"a pleasant torture" (live rehearsal)

Daphne Helena De Iuliis: great original music on soundcloud