Simona Soddu: the making of LEFTOVERS - the lead guitar - first solo album on the way

Iwanaga Chennai: Solo 6 string Bass "ARC"

Flavia Messinese: working on the solo for Ho camminato nel Vento by Alberto Lorenzini

Arielle: Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran

Elizabeth Schall: Dreaming Dead - Stairs Into the Vortex - San Diego Metal Swap Meet 2015

Marin Miyazawa, Yuki Uozumi: Invasion - LoVendoЯ - instrumental performance for Ustream Shiburock Girls

Erika Ragtiny: lead guitar for Kisakiemi - We are the ONE- live at Shinjuku 2015

Divaldi Addina: The Little Miss Hurricane - shredding it up live at Grand Kemang

Nita Strauss: of course you'll want one for Christmas!