Anna Likhacheva: IV Frauchi Guitar Competition Moscow, 2015

Alexandra Zerner: Brothers - cover version of Alexandra's favourite Yngwie Malmsteen's track.

Maru Martinez: Carl Sagan pale blue dot in the Cosmos

Chika Ve: I Can't Stop Loving You tribute to Van Halen

Yuki : D_Drive - Drive in the Starry Night samples and D_Drive New Album "R" live samples

Yoshi, Toki: Aldious 3 Dazed, Dark + Repeatedly Dazed from the Delight Tour

Carolyn Wonderland: Beyond the flags 2015 Peace pin boogie with Bruno Deneckere, Belgium

Chantel McGregor: Caught Out Live at BLUESROCKFEST 2015 - great sound quality!

Jennifer Batten: The StageLeft Podcast - Jennifer Batten discusses a decade working with Michael Jackson

Oni, Sagara, Yui, Vivi: Ganglion - JRock - Live on Anim'Est live Nancy, France

Arielle: The most common question I get from people is What Guitar Do I Play?