Noel Rachel: Christmas Noodle - E Minor Metalcore Song Lead Guitar Ideas

Tal Wilkenfeld: Zomby Woof with Dweezil Zappa - Sabian Theater 2015

Rose Deocampo: Infinite Death live at Loaded Bar 2015

Li-sa-X: with Marty Friedman - This girl learns super fast...

Ji Ho Lee, Dahyun Kim: south of everywhere - Jonathan Kreisberg - billie's bounce Andreas Oberg - super impressive in anyones book!

Ji Ho Lee, Dayhun Kim: Sunny, passing storm grew, stella by starlight - a big fan of Andreas Oberg

Yijihye: "Sonny Moon" - practical music high schools in Seoul Other festivals

Yiminju: "Melodies Of Love" Practical Music School Piano & Sax Festival in Seoul

Gangchang: 강창하 - Erotomania - Practical Seoul Music High School showcase 2015

Laura Lāce: Antonio Vivaldi - Summer Presto - fantastic guitar cover

Kara Glazer: Fate - Chi Might-Project with Sina drummer!

Chloe Jacob: Good love is on the way by John Mayer