Jassy J: GUITAR TALK #3: Gibson Custom Shop Week at Session Frankfurt

Fun Fact Friday round 2! =D Thank you so much to Session Frankfurt for letting me invade your Custom Shop and talk nonsense!!! =)

Session's Channel (for some professional equipment reviews and other stuff):

Session Frankfurt has the largest Gibson Les Paul exhibition in Europe at the moment! See unique models until September 24th! Take you chance and check out this great Custom Shop! =)

I had an 8 weeks internship at Session and it was so awesome! In this video I talk about the Gibson Custom Shop week and show some cool Gibson Les Paul models to you. I didn't make sound samples because there was not enough time :( But nevertheless: Have fun with a totally different video! \m/

Thanks to Björn the camera man!!!

Jassy J:

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GUITAR TALK #3: Gibson Custom Shop Week at Session Frankfurt | Jassy J