Mina Taicho: Fate Gear - Scars In My Life

Girl Metal Band Japanese FATE GEAR, "Scars In My Life"
2Nd album lead track, short MV public!
Music Ando Lyrics By Mina captain
Arrange: FATE GEAR
- the fate of the gear is out around -
Girl formal beauty / orthodox metal band, FATE GEAR!
Akira Takasaki, TAIJI (ex.X JAPAN), BABYMETAL , and the like and a contest-winning Mina captain SCANDAL (Gt.), Formed in the center of the Nico (Vo.).
Carry out the debut live at Meguro Rokumeikan on August 1, 2015.
August 9, while only second time live, competed in the final round YAON of Road to NAON multiplied the opening act of the SHOW-YA Produce "YAON2015 ~ SUMMER ~ of NAON".
August 12, 1st full album, "A Light in the Black" is released!
He dared the first of Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka tour in March-April 2016.
5 May 2016, Kurumi (Key.) Officially join.

FATE GEAR-Scars in my Life (Short Ver.)